Nexuro, your Odoo Partner

Why choosing Nexuro digital as Odoo Integrator ?

We're a professional, dynamic team combining business knowledge with Odoo expertise.
In short, everything you need to successfully implement your digital transformation project.
We offer high value-added services at fair price!

Odoo implementation

Setting up your digital project with Odoo. Your Nexuro Digital team of experts will set up, configure and customize your solution.

Specific developments

If you have specific needs, or want to connect to third-party applications, it's worthwhile using specific developments. Our developers customize your Odoo solution.

Support and training

We make sure you get the most out of your solution. To do this, we train your staff and answer all your questions.

Presale Services

Before making a decision about integrating Odoo into your business, it may be useful to carry out an in-depth analysis of your project's return on investment (ROI).

Why chosing Odoo for your company ?

Odoo is a first-rate choice for companies looking to simplify their management with a comprehensive, customizable, efficient and fast software solution.

With its many integrated applications and modularity, Odoo can efficiently meet a wide variety of needs.

Manage your invoicing, sales, accounting, marketing, projects, inventory, production, employees and website with Odoo.

Meet an expert

Screen with Odoo on it

One app for every need

Une application odoo pour chaque besoin
One Odoo app for each need

Website & Webshop

Integrate your website with the rest of your Odoo database.
Create an impressive website for your company.

We offer advanced functionalities for the creation of e-commerce websites.
Stock management integrated into your online store.
Your delivery options can be configured.
You can choose the payment methods accepted

Webshop and Website creation with Odoo

Odoo, a very inexpensive solution

Talk to your Nexuro digital expert about all the possibilities Odoo has to offer

Odoo Standard


/ month
  • All apps
    Odoo Online

Odoo Custom


/ month
  • All apps
    Odoo Online / / On-premise
    Odoo Studio
    External API

One App Free


/ month
  • One app only
    Unlimited users
    Odoo Online

What are the costs associated with a digital project?

The costs are divided between the costs of licenses, hosting, project integration and support once the solution is delivered.


Subscription price based on the number of users and the version chosen.
The amount is invoiced directly by Odoo.


Most of the time the hosting costs are already included in your Odoo subscription.
Depending on your needs, it might not be zero.


Costs associated with setting up your digital project, including configuration, customization and development. Nexuro provides high value-added services at the right price.


Includes maintenance, support and training once integration is complete. Nexuro digital is your Odoo partner.

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