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Why choosing Nexuro for your digital marketing strategy?

We are a team of experts in digital marketing, always up to date with the latest trends.
We implement results-oriented strategies for our customers. 
We offer high value-added services at fair price.

Social media management

We help you deploy your brand on social media platforms. What? When? Where? How? We answer these key questions.

Email campaigns

Build trusting relationships with your customers by reaching your visitors at the right time and providing valuable content and relevant offers.

ePrivacy and GDPR

Make your website and digital ecosystem RGPD and ePrivacy compliant with Nexuro. Compliance with data privacy standards extends to a wide range of marketing activities: newsletters, cookies, datascrap, etc.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Optimizing your company's visibility in search engines is a top priority for your business to achieve long-term results.

Search Engine Advertising - SEA

Rational media buying has revolutionized the digital advertising industry, replacing traditional negotiation with maximized return purchasing.

Website optimization

Your SEO expert optimizes the natural referencing of your site created with the Odoo CMS or not in order to improve your visibility on search engines. Nexuro also improves your visitors' experience on your website.

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Why should you invest in digital marketing ?

Digital marketing is essential for businesses nowadays. 

It offers effective ways to connect with a wide online audience, improve brand visibility, attract customers, and measure marketing success. 

By investing in digital marketing, companies can stay competitive and drive growth.

With the support of ageris experts, you can constantly maximize your return on investment and make the most of the digital age.

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Analysis and tracking

We set up dashboards and advanced tracking tools to measure the real impact of your marketing actions and campaigns. Our aim: to maximize your ROI.

Tracking and audience analysis

We constantly use the best tools

We use the best tools to boost your digital ecosystem.

These include Google analytics, Google search console, Google ads, Mailchimp, Odoo, Canva, Cookiebot, Bright Data, ScrapperAPI and many more.

​Naturally, all the business accounts on social networking platforms hold no secrets for us.

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Digital marketing tools

What are the steps of a good digital strategy ?

The implementation of a good methodology is crucial for archieving desired results.

Set up

Planning and content creation to set up a marketing action.


Post and make the marketing action run for a certain period of time.


Thanks to data analytics methods, collect and learn about your marketing action.


Based on your analysis, improve and optimize your results. Data driven decisions are always best !

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